Heart to Heart Through the Notion of Touch

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About us

Heart to Heart Through the Notion of Touch

Learn the benefits of baby massage in aiding care for your baby physically, mentally & emotionally.

Not to mention it’s beneficial for the parents too!

As qualified Infant Massage Instructors, we will work with you so you can learn how to bond & connect with your baby on a natural, loving & organic level. 


Baby massage is a way of bonding and connecting. Without touch we cannot survive.

About Blissful Bebe

When choosing an Infant Massage Instructor it is important to have someone you feel comfortable with and nice to know who you are learning from.

Based in the heart of the Gold Coast, Blissful Bebe is a mobile family business; mother and daughter driven with the passion and love for children and families wanting to help teach parents and caregivers the importance and benefits of infant massage and the power of touch. The bond between a mother/father and their infant is so important.

We look forward to working with families and teaching the benefits of massage. This is a life skill you learn and can use on your children from birth to teenage years. Massage has many overall health benefits on your body physically, mentally and emotionally and it’s great for the parents too!

We are also certified Sacred Mama Circles® Facilitators, where we hold space for women to come together and connect and nourish themselves with self-love and care and learning about their motherhood journey known as matrescence.

Heart to Heart Through the Notion of Touch

Our team

Megan Dennis

Infant Massage Instructor

Trained through IMIS, Infant Massage Information Services. Megan holds her Advanced Diploma in Child Care and has worked in the industry for 16 years. Megan also holds a Diploma in Infant Massage and Mother Care and is currently studying Colour Reflexology and is a qualified Aromatherapist.

Frances Blair

Infant Massage Instructor

Trained through IMIS, Infant Massage Information Services.
Frances is a registered nurse and has been working in the field for 35 years. Frances has also worked as an assessor for Learning Connections for 7 years designing neurodevelopmental designed programs that help children with what every learning difficulty they are facing.

Heart to heart through the notion of touch

Mothers need just as much attention as newborns, because they too have just been born.

Sacred Mama Circles® - hosted by Fran & Megan

Have you ever wondered what it is like at a women’s circle?

Here at Blissful Bebe when we create our circles we are intuitively led to follow our intuition.

We create sacred space where Mums can come together, bond and connect, and fill up their cup with self-love.

This is a safe space where you can be ‘you’ and share your worries, stresses, concerns, funny moments and achievements.

We hear you Mama and we see you. You are amazing and you are enough. We welcome you with open arms. 💗

For more information on our women circles and baby massage, please contact us via our Facebook page or phone us on +61 431 211 391

If you are interested in joining our next circle, contact us today.

Heart to Heart Through the Notion of Touch

Fran and Megan are Sacred Mama Circles® Certified Facilitators and have completed the Certification Course with Maria Golding & The School of Intuitive Motherhood. You can get more information about the Intuitive Motherhood courses here: https://intuitivemotherhood.com/

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Frances Blair & Megan Dennis
Infant Massage Instructors